Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Hello everyone, hope you are all well and having a lovely week so far.
I have fracture clinic with mum this morning, then we may take a wee wander round her favourite shops if she feels up to it.
We went to the Art Galleries with Ellie as it was a beautiful day here yesterday, 14 degrees C and no wind. (Positively tropical!) It was her first time out except for hospital visits so she may be goosed today ;-)
Not much on the desk as no crafty time BUT plans for this afternoon to play with my Sparkle paste,  other paste I found at the back of a drawer and my Mica Powders.
Will update next week with progress.
Photos are of Mum and Ellie saying cheese at the baby elephant and my supplies for my play afternoon. 
Short and sweet today. Please come to Julia's Stamping Ground for the rest of the nosy crafters desks.


  1. Have fun with you shiney goodies
    jacqui x

  2. Hope the clinic goes well for your mum and she's not to worn from yesterday! Cant believe its raining this morning after the sunshine. Enjoy your crafty afternoon! mo x

  3. Hope everything goes well at the hospital for you.

    Have a great week

    Candace #58

  4. Good luck at the fracture clinic! I love your desk - great stencils on show (I have them both, they are gorgeous.) Helen 3

  5. Good morning, just popping in to say Hi.
    Loving your world this morning; all ready to play!

    Hope you have a fun week.
    Neil # 22

  6. Ooh sparkly stuff, that sounds like fun, can we come and play?

    Waving hi from the bears who forgot to check what number we were! :)

  7. love the sparkly bits... hope all goes well... the littlun in that photo is a proper cutie! happy woyww jenx 90

  8. Hi Alison
    I love your new masks and I can't wait to see what you do with them and the other goodies on your desk. I am going to play with some modelling paste and small canvases later so do watch out for those I would love to know what you think.
    Would you like some ATC's from me when the anniversary is here? I have some extra for sending to extra special people and you are one.
    Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #44

  9. The sparkly stuff sounds fun, but I think I have done enough sparkle for a while, lol. Maybe later. Hope the fracture clinic went well, I sympathise with your Mom- those splint things are really, really irritating! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #80

  10. Looking forward to seeing your creations with all your sparkley stuff.
    hope all goes well at the clinic. Your poor mum, those splints are so awkward.
    Ellie is gorgeous, look a wee imp though, lovely cheeky smile. take care, kate x

  11. Aww bless. Ellie looks super cute!
    Liking your stencils there. I look forward to see what you do with those!
    Been for physio on my chest this morning! Yuk but hopefully worth it!

  12. I've never heard of sparkle paste but it sounds great fun.

    Lovely photo.

    Enjoy the rest of WOYWW. Susi #65

  13. What a gorgeous little girl! She is clearly having fun there. Hope your Mum had a lovely time out too.

  14. Looking forward to your next creation with the sparkly paste. Ellie and Grandma look like they are enjoying themselves.
    Krisha #36

  15. Sparkle paste and mica powders are some of my favorite things, I'm coming over to play! I can't wait to see what you make with them.

    You mom and Ellie look like they were having a really good time. Ellie is adorable.

    Hope your mum's doctor visit went well, and that you get hours of play time after the doctor's visit!

    Hugs, Kathi #129

  16. Your goodies you have out to play with look fun! :-) Brigita #130

  17. Aww cute lillte one in her pink! Love your goodies, have fun with them! Happy WOYWW! Karen 133 x

  18. Have fun with your stencils and micas!
    Karen #52

  19. Now that looks like a great play time. Enjoy!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #85

  20. oooh have fun playing, that looks interesting, can't wait to see the results!
    Such a cute pic of your Mum and Ellie, hope the hospital visit went well!


  21. What a cute picture of your Mom and Ellie! Love the generations pictures...they tell so much. Looks like an interesting lot of things to be playing with...wish I could come play! Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving a comment. Have a great week. Vickie #41 email me at

  22. Glad your Mum is on the mend. (I do know all about broken wrists, unfortunately.)
    Love what's on your desk, especially the stencil on the left, which I also have, :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 47

  23. Aw to photo and loving your stencils - hope you get the time to play with them. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#48

  24. what a little doll. That is the cutest photo. Tell your Mum I'm sending thoughts for a quick mend. Love the desk...Sparkle paste, I'm going to have to check that out...Have a great week.

  25. Ooh hope you had fun with that paste. Hope the clinic went well too. Thanks for popping by & saying Hi, am a bit late visiting! Take care Zo xx 75

  26. What a clean & tidy work space!! Color me green...And lovely pics of your adorables. Such sweet faces on both of these dear ones. Hope you got some time to enjoy playing. Is that a pan pastel I see in the pic? Recognized some of the crafter's stencils. Will be looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em. Sparkle paste is new to me...TFS & Hope your Mom is healing very nicely.

  27. Hope your mom didn't wear herself out too much and is feeling better. Ellie, sure looks like a cutie pie!! Thanks for visiting my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  28. Hi Alison, like the goodies you have set out and ready to experiment with ... look forward to seeing the results in due course. Ellie looks cute enough to get an elephant to smile. Hope your mum didn't suffer too much from the day out. Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. Elizabeth x #92

    PS: We didn't go to Cardwell's although that would have been great. No, we went to Dobbies, Ayr, which is just a few minutes from our home. It has a nice cafe, great food hall and lots of tempting plants. There used to be a craft department, mostly Docrafts products, but all that's gone now.

  29. An organized mad scientist experiment there Alison...anxious to see how it goes! Do hope Mom is feeling better each day! Happy WOYWW! Sue K 14