Monday, 19 August 2013


Hello everyone,  I am back with a little update.
I have been a little unwell and then was extremely busy for reasons too numerous to go into.
Not sure if I will be posting much, as Mr Mojo has taken a holiday :-(

My one bit of good news ( I think it's meant to be good news) is that my youngest finished her diploma course and was heading to 3rd and Honours years at Strathclyde Business School studying Business Law and Marketing.  She had also applied to Heriot Watt in Edinburgh to go into 2nd year to do Business Law and Economics.  She only found out on Monday last week that she got in and she's off in about 3 weeks :-(.
It's all happened so fast, and we haven't got long to get organised, she's moving stores to Princes Street and taking up a room in the halls.
I'm really going to miss her as she's my wee buddy, I'm just hoping she enjoys it and that she has a fab time.

I hope you are all well and creating wonderful pieces of art.