Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Hello everyone, all present and correct for the weekly snoopathon that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. 
Here is my desk from last night. I've not cleared up! No time.
We have had an eventful week so far.
Sone of you may know my Dad's been a bit poorly with chest infections etc. He had a bronchoscopy last month and the results are back- the blockage is scar tissue from the infections and is to be left. Nothing sinister in the sample taken. HOORAY. You can imagine the relief all round.
An hour after he is taken home and news relayed to Mum, she goes to her friend's house, falls over and breaks her right wrist!
If it's not one it's the other!
Cue comedy time as I try to get her ready for bed!!!! She's got a lump like an egg above her eye, skint knee too.
Mind you Ellie will have great fun today with her wee doctor case and a real patient!
Not much crafting from me this week as I'll be on double housework duty, I will do my best to get round anyone who visits me and as many others as possible.
I made a wall hanging earlier this week inspired by Lisa. I loved what she made and this is my 'homage'. Hope you like it Lisa! (*blush*)
Hope the sun shines where you are and happy crafting.


  1. Oh my, we were just thinking yay to your news about your dad when we got to the part about your mum. We do hope she's better soon. Well done for getting anything done with the stressful and busy time you've had. Oh, and if you'd like to add a third lot of housework to your list.......... ;)

  2. I'm so glad your dad's checkup went well, but sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she gets feeling better very soon, and you get a little time for yourself.

    Hugs, Kathi

  3. Ohmygosh - what a week!! Good news on your Dad, so that's something!! Hang in there!

    What a wonderful wall hanging. I think you did a fantastic job and it's so pretty!!

    The recipe can be found here; so easy and so good!: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Slow-Cooker-Italian-Beef-for-Sandwiches/Detail.aspx

  4. glad to hear good new for you this week even though your mum spoilt it :-) take care
    jacqui x

  5. Oh Alison, what a great pity about your mum, poor lady, but it sounds like she has a loving daughter to look after her.
    Really good news about your dad though, must be a relief. I would keep the housework to a minimum though, it only gets messy again.
    Your desk looks really very tidy for a working desk.
    Hope you don't have too tiring a day, hugs Kate x

  6. oh my, parents, eh??? glad ellie can have fun with her real patient! love the wall-hanging!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week...

  7. I hate that - sucks when GOOD news gets followed by not-so-good news. Broken bones are never fun and so annoying to have to ask for help. Love the heart, in any case and hope you get time to make that recipe :) It sounds yummy, just from the title. Must follow the trail....

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (4)

  8. That is unbelievable, glad that your dad got good news but sorry to hear about your Mum's plight! Hope she isn't too sore and she heals quickly!
    Debxx #112

  9. Hi Alison
    Great news for your dad but oh your poor mum she must be really shaken up bless her.
    I love your heart hanging very pretty and the colours are right up my street, really lovely
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  10. Adorable heart and hope your Mum heals quickly - thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  11. Prayers for your Mom's speedy recovery! Glad to hear your Dad was good news and your heart is adorable.
    Krisha #114

  12. Love the heart. Praying for your parents. SueC#97

  13. Beautiful card and sentiments too. Love billy bear too. Happy WOYWW! Karen x

  14. Well that's a neat and tidy desk :)
    And I know ALL about broken right wrists as I did that about seven years ago!
    The heart hanging (which I saw the other day) is still lovely :)
    RosA # 145

  15. Great news about your dad, but your poor mum! Your desk looks pretty neat to me! And your hanging is really stunning - looks so professional!

  16. Oh dear you couldn't make it up could you.... your poor parents, at least your dad is ok.
    Love your little heart... very pretty.
    janet #33

  17. Well, my goodness, your parents are keeping you busy! Happy healing thoughts sent to both of them. LOVE the wall hanging you made!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  18. Hi Alison, Thanks for visiting me this past week. The art journaling with the flowers (pink background) was all done with paint brushes and acrylic paints. The little flowers on the cards I sketched them and then colored those in as well. Thank you for asking. :) Hugs, Sue

  19. Great news on your Dad Alison, but not so good with your Mum! Perfect Pair ey?
    Lovely hanging there. You have done a grand job!

  20. oh my Allison-you have had quite a go of it haven't you? My best to your Mom! Lovely heart project, love the sentiment too!

  21. Glad to hear dad is on the mend and I really hope mom will be better in no time. Sounds like you have had a horrid time.
    Love the project/
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #26

  22. Oh dear ! Your poor mum, my auntie had a fall and broke both her wrists you can imaging how difficult that was! Glad to hear that your dad is on the mend. Love your heart beautifuly done with a lovely sentiment x

  23. Your wall hanging is really pretty, Allison! I'm happy I made a stop on the WOYWW hop to find you. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's fall and broken wrist, but good news about your dad!! Sounds like your life has you jumping; it's great that you can get crafty, too. Have a wonderful what's-left-of-the-week! (Sorry, I'm so late getting around.) Darnell #52

  24. P.S. I LOVE the name of your blog!!