Saturday, 26 January 2013

TP creation

On my desk on Wednesday I spoke of a project I was in the middle of using toilet paper rolls (TP)

Well here it is. Sorry for the rubbish photos but the light is useless this time of year.

Not sure how I feel about it, though the girls say it's great and doesn't look like its made from loo rolls, ha ha. I may have another go with some more rolls I have been saving. 

Please let me know what you think,  I love getting your feedback and have really enjoyed blogging this time. So thank you all for reading this and encouraging me.




  1. Well what can I say, except this is great goes to show what you can do with toilet rolls, Well done you for making something different, I like it. Hazel

  2. This is lovely Alison - never would have thought of using loo rolls.

  3. Hello Alison! Wow, I can't believe they are made of toilet rolls! So beautiful! You could paint them!

  4. Well! When I first glanced I thought what a delicate stamp, I thought I had seen everything you could make with loo rolls, but obviously not. Well done. Keep warm.

  5. wow so gorgeous, i love the pretty flowers and what great recycling ;D

    xx coops xx